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Wei Shi

Hi, Chris, this happened to me couple of times. It might not be a problem for hotmail or gmail as the system will automatically save your composition as draft. But I do not see Vox has this automatic back up function. 

My experience or what I will do is that after a long time typing,I will copy it to txt or word, make the back up myself before I click the button to see. Manually back up your composition may take few seconds, and it is absolutely worth it.


Hey Chris,Yes, a fear wall would be good, it may also be a sorting shed as the fears are dealt with, we can build conventions / agreements around what is /isn't suitable practicable etc...There are discussions people have with us around e-learning fears that we may feel past worrying about, but they are common to all newbies and must therefore have a strategy to overcome.(Could try "wallwisher", or ask Thom and Vickel to suggest a suitable programme app)OOOPs look there's one now.


[c’est top] Another option I find useful for 'composing' Vox blog posts is to use the email blog posting feature - i.e. create your blog post using your email application on any email capable device (including the iPod Touch), and then send the email to your 'secret' Vox email address to create a post. This way you can save the message as a draft and finish it later.
You can find your Vox email upload address in your Vox Account, under 'Mobile Settings'. If you want to create an automatic blog post from email make sure you turn on the option "Create post: Yes (create a post for items sent to this email)"
You can also post photos, audio and video by attaching them to your email message.

Another option is to use a dedicated Blog editor for offline drafting of posts, then synching to your Vox blog.
I use MarsEdit for mac, and on the iPhone/iPod Touch I use Pixelpipe and iBlogger for posting to Vox (as well as email).

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