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Vickel Narayan

Hi Chris

After a quick look:
1. a good start
2. maybe presenting the map in some other format would add a bit more clarity - at the moment it seems the tools are used individually - no clear indication of how they work together.
3. I would probably do away with the last box(CAD & Web 2) - you have web 2 covered now you need to think how you can make or in-cooperate CAD in your framework ... maybe something you can consider is focusing on the method rather then the end production ..... so something that could be done is a blog post as a reflective exercise after students have completed their CAD drawings outlining their method.

Hope the comments above help.

christopher lovegrove

How is it?
Thanks for the feed back. Will take heed of your comments and work on the format. For a long while there I thought I had dropped off the face of the planet.



I'm sorry Vickle I would definately leave the CAD in the mix as a seperate literacy that deserves specific focus within the Boatbuilding discipline. Ahead in BAT level studies CAD becomes the main means of communicating ideas. It is also collaborative if used online and has huge access to industry resources.

Vickel Narayan

"now you need to think how you can make or in-cooperate CAD in your framework" <-- this is not doing away with CAD but just re-thinking an approach that would some how incorporate this or the process in the framework --> have a look at this link maybe this will help --> http://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/2010/02/03/autodesk-butterfly-colaboracion-cad-online/

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