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[isto é bom] Two ways to bring your Blogger posts into your Vox blog:
1. As an RSS feed subscription - choose "Change Your Design" from your Vox blog main page, then "Customise Sidebars", then tick "embed", then "configure" and paste in the RSS embed code from your other blog (I suggest you use Google Reader to create a shared folder of blog subscriptions you want and embed this here)
2. Use Vox's import from other blog function - from your Vox 'Library', choose "Pots", and then choose the 'import' button

Also you can provide a link to your other blogs and YouTube account etc in your Vox Account settings, under "Contact Information"

Wei Shi

hi, Chris, the following links are my blog on blogger

and our team's blog on blogger

What is your blog on blogger?

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